Weston Squash and Racketball Club




'Racketball Only' Club evenings provide an ideal opportunity for new members to come along to meet, play and socialise with existing members. These are held on Tuesday evenings from 6.30 to 9.30pm and additionally there is a Racketball and Squash club night on Friday at 7.15pm. At Club evenings members are encouraged to play different players in a 20 minute session which helps provide new members with the opportunity to identify their standard. During Club evenings we only charge £2 for a whole evening of Racketball.

The Club recently changed its name to reflect the fact that more and more racketball is being played at the club. Racketball is very similar to Squash but played with a bigger racket and ball. The game is less strenuous on the joints although rallies can be quite a bit longer. The game has certainly prolonged life on court for a number of our older ex-squash players. The club has organised a number of racketball tournaments and are keen on playing other clubs.

Because the ball and racket are bigger, Racketball is an easier game to pick up than squash and very soon long rallies can be achieved by most players. Because the ball is bigger it does not hurt as much if you are unfortunate to get in the way of a well struck ball. Very often games will be played with 3 or 4 players on court, each taking their turn to play their stroke.

The Club played its first competitive Racketball match in November 2006 against East Gloucester in the National Racketball Club Championships and has played a number of competitive games since.

For further details on the game of Racketball visit the The England Squash web site and then click on the Racketball link on the left side of the displayed page.

Another web site that will be of interest to players new to the game of Racketball and existing club members is www.uk-racketball.com The site that has the most basic of information for anyone wishing to play Racketball,including how to play and the rules of the game, a site well worth a look.